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4.2 ( 9452 ratings )
Утилиты Производительность
Разработчик Hairy Monkey Software
1.99 USD

Have you ever forgotten an important event? Do you have a tendency to leave things to the last minute? Do you want to increase your ability to manage your time while having fun doing so? If you answered yes to any of these questions then iRemember is the app you need. With iRemember you can keep track of any type of event you want and get the iPhone/iPod touch experience. Turning your device to landscape gives you a beautiful way to view and swipe through your events. You also get real-time updates of your events when in landscape mode. And, having your events listed in chronological order ensures that you always know what event occurs next. Remembering things you need to do or plan for is hard. Make it easier with iRemember.

- Swipe through events in landscape mode
- Events sorted in chronological order
- Add events
- Remove and edit events
- Get real-time updates of the amount of time left till an event occurs.
- Set the highest unit of time you want to display. (years, months, days, ...)